Ways to prevent online child abuse and grooming

New figures from a NSPCC reports 1 in every 25 children under 17, that’s the equivalent of 1 child in every classroom has sent, received or been asked to send sexual content to an adult online. Facebook, Snapchat and other Facebook apps are the most common platforms this takes place on.
Children who have been groomed can suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low confidence and self-esteem even self-harming and suicidal thoughts.
I have worked with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and children who have been groomed or been sexually abused. We must do more to stop this happening, for over 12 years I have made a monthly donation to the NSPCC, the work they do is amazing and worth supporting.
What else can we do to protect our children?
1) Have regular conversations with our children about the dangers online.
2) Ask what have you done online today, what websites have they been on. In the same way we may ask our children what have you done at school today
3) Build a trusting relationship with them and if something happens they know it is safe to speak to you.
4) Make sure their social media accounts have the highest privacy settings and their Geo location are off.
5) Explore sites and apps together, show them where the reporting and blocking tools are.
The NSPCC is calling on the Government to introduce an Online Harms Bill, to set up a regulator that has the power enforce changes to protect children and young adults, contributing to children’s safety.
Adrian Sonnex, Full time Hypnotherapist since September 2007 and Mindful Therapist since January 2009.

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