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You must have Professional Risks Insurance.

Hypnotherapy Supervision with Adrian Sonnex of Wellbeing Hypnotherapy.

A one to one supervisor for the General Hypnotherapy Register and ICH Clinica Hypnosis Training formerley the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, London. Hypnotherapy supervision in Surrey and London.

Many professional organisations require therapists to be “supervised” and it is also good business practice. Adrian has been my supervisor for several years and I am very happy with him as my supervisor. He is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable in so many areas-he gives great marketing tips too! He is always punctual and flexible if need be.
Adrian also does Supervision both face to face and via Skype. I find the Skype particularly useful as it not only saves massively on the travel expenses but gives me invaluable practice at Skyping, which I detest and am working on my acceptance of technology.

Freda Minton, Yateley – 3.2.2014

Adrian Sonnex is a Supervisor for The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in London and has been awarded One to One Supervisor Status by the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). He gives hypnotherapy supervision to training and qualified hypnotherapists in Surrey and London.

What is supervision and why do we need it?

Supervision is a process in which one therapist is given responsibility to work with other therapists in order to meet certain organisational, professional and personal objectives. These objectives are competent, accountable performance, continual professional development and personal support.

As hypnotherapists/therapists we are constantly working with clients who are vulnerable, unhappy, suffering from stress and anxiety, depressed or traumatised. It is our role to listen to, and offer guidance and therapy to change, these states.

Supervision enables therapists to discuss client issues and therapy whilst maintaining the client’s confidentiality. It allows the therapist to discuss/process their feelings, thoughts and get a second opinion and advice about the course of therapy they are giving. It ensures that they are staying within organisational guidelines and are following their code of ethics.

Adrian Sonnex was my mentor/supervisor when I was studying for my ICH Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Two years on I continue to be supervised by him now that I am a professional hypnotherapist and would, without hesitation, recommend him most highly in this role.
He has helped me with client issues, my ongoing Continued Professional Development and with advertising and website advice. He has certainly made my early stages in this career a lot easier and a lot more pleasant than they would otherwise have been. 

Malcolm, Wallington – 24.5.2014

Supervision of Students for The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis ICH

Training Supervision

Students who are training at the ICH for the Professional Course – Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (DCH).

Aim of Training Supervision

To develop confidence utilising hypnotheraputic techniques, managing client sessions and maintaining an empathic professional role. To explore how to get started in practice and to help identify a personal style of hyno-therapeutic work. To review six case studies which each student must complete as part of the ICH’s Diploma.

My Supervision Experience

My first experience of the formal written supervision process was when I became a Community Service Volunteer in June 1988. When I finished being a CSV in December 1989 I got a job with a local authority/council working with adults with physical disabilities. This was the start of my 18 years of care work with the local authority/council and my continuing experience of formal written supervision and the appraisal process. When I resigned in 2008 to become a fulltime hypnotherapist & Mindfulness-based therapist my professional supervision continued.