Sexual Abuse

Deal with the trauma of rape or sexual abuse

At Wellbeing Hypnotherapy we have extensive experience in working with people who have witnessed or experienced rape or sexual abuse in their lives. If you have suffered either – be it as a child, adult or both, we can help you resolve it. Your therapy is completely confidential and you are guaranteed professional, experienced and trusted help. You can come to terms with, process your experience and stop it having a negative effect on the rest of your life.


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I went for hypnotherapy to deal with the issues of my sexual abuse (I was abused for most of my childhood). It affected the last 20 years of my adult life, and I had a fear of men, intimacy, hating my body, low self-esteem and I self-harmed. I believed that I was ruined. And that I would never be able to have happiness for all my life.
Adrian was very gentle and understanding with me. We worked on my self-esteem and processing my traumatic experiences with TIR, my confused feelings about love, sex and relationships. I am a much more forgiving, accepting and better me. I feel no guilt or blame and have stopped self-harming. I am looking forward to a positive future thanks to Adrian Sonnex at Wellbeing Hypnotherapy.

Nicolene, Wimbledon

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Information about rape or sexual abuse:

Child sex abusers may come from any background, any profession, racial or religious group and can be male or female. Abusers may not be a stranger – in fact they are usually a family member or someone known to the child. They may be a child or a young adult themselves.
Abusers may act alone or with others. They may target children of a particular age, physical type, sex or ethnic background.
Once the abuser has started, the child is put under great pressure not to tell anyone, to keep silent.

Physical Signs of child abuse:

  • Pain, itching, bruising or bleeding in the genital or anal area,
  • Genital discharge or urinary tract infections,
  • Stomach pains or discomfort when walking or sitting,
  • Sexually transmitted infections.

If a child is suffering from any of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Behavioural signs of abuse:

These could include a marked change in the child’s behaviour. They may become unusually aggressive, or very quite and withdrawn. They could also suffer from physical ailments, which can’t be explained medically.

  • The child may refuse to go to school or their school work may be affected,
  • They may show fear or distrust of a particular adult or may refuse to continue with an activity,
  • They could start displaying explicit sexual behaviour or language which is not age appropriate,
  • The child may speak about a special or secret adult friend they have made or special treatment they are receiving.

Have a positive future by overcoming your past

Adrian Sonnex is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trauma Specialist. Using Hypnotherapy, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Stress Management (Life Stress Reduction), Mindfulness-based Congnitive Behavioural Therapy and other therapeutic techniques, to enable you to overcome your past and live a happy positive future.