Addictions & Habits

At Wellbeing Hypnotherapy we have been helping our clients overcome their addictions and bad habits for over five years. Using hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Therapies we offer you a choice of therapist, a choice of clinics and a combination of therapies catered individually to you. Your sessions are completely confidential and our aim is to help you as effectively and as quickly as we can.

Drugs & Alcohol

We have experience in helping people who have formed a dependency on drugs including Alcohol. Please click on our Hypnotherapy for drugs information page for further information. Here you will find further information on how we can help you, as well as find out information about specific drugs and how they affect you.

Addictive Behaviours

Hypnotherapy for Addictive Behaviours can be very effective. We understand addictive behaviours (including Sex and Love Addiction, Gambling and Shopping Addiction).

I’d managed to give up several ‘bad habits’ easily enough in the past… Smoking, drinking… I managed to stop each of those. I had, though, found that rasing my behaviour at work was far harder – specifically: stopping swearing. 4 short sessions enabled me to change this unprofessional behaviour almost overnight and has enabled me to more successful in my career and lead change in my team. I will certainly consider this as an option for any other problems I encounter in the future and have already recommended Wellbeing Hypnotherapy to family and friends.
Stuart, Surrey – 29.2.2012

Habits and Conditions

As well as addictive behaviours we also have experience and success in treating nail biting, thumb sucking, hair pulling, bed wetting, blushing and teeth grinding along with unwanted chocolate and coffee habits.

A useful phrase could be used to describe some habits as ’empty habits’. Many habits originated as symptoms of conflict and anxiety but now the habit remains even though the conflicts and anxieties may have gone or been outlived.