Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks

At Wellbeing Hypnotherapy we can help you get control of your stress, anxiety and panic attacks. You can learn to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety and avoid panic attacks by using Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapies.

When you are afraid, your fear is usually caused by some concrete external object or situation. The event that you fear, is usually in the bounds of possibility – you may fear not meeting a deadline or failing to pass an exam, being unable to pay bills, meeting someone new for fear of rejection, etc.

When you experience anxiety, on the other hand, you can’t always specify just what you’re anxious about. Your focus of concern is more internal than external. It seems a response to a vague, distant, or even unknown danger. You could be anxious about “losing control” of yourself or a situation. Or, you might just have a feeling that “something is wrong.”

I decided to try hypnotherapy to reduce my stress and help control my anger. After my first session I felt calmer and lighter. I will be seeing Adrian again as I found this very beneficial and a worthwhile experience. Thank you Adrian.
Jessica Kreimeyer, Lambeth

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

We at Wellbeing Hypnotherapy understand Anxiety and we are experienced at working with people and helping them deal with their anxiety so they can move on with their life. We can offer you all the help and support that you may need.

Please read our information page on anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for Stress

Stress is something that we can all suffer from at some point in our lives.

Nobody can promise you a stress free life. But at Wellbeing Hypnotherapy we can help you to manage and deal with the stressful situations we all encounter.

Please read our information page on stress.

Hypnotherapy for Panic attacks

Panic attacks are caused by incorrect beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Did you know that a panic attack is brought on literally by the fear of a panic attack, rather than the initial anxiety provoking thoughts. Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks works, because we can work out what thoughts you are having that provoke the anxiety causing thoughts that lead to a panic attack. This, together with our relaxation sessions, will stop you from ever getting as far as having a panic attack again. It will enable you to reduce and eventually leave anxiety in your past.