Frequently Asked Questions about Online Therapy

Q1. How do I get Skype?

Answer: If you’re new to Skype you can download the Skype application via this link.

Q2. How does online therapy work?

Answer: We arrange a time where we are both going to be alone and able to talk without being overheard or disturbed, we both sign into Skype and we can then call one another and have our session of hypnotherapy, Traumatic Incident Reduction or Mindfulness-based therapies. You are able to pay for your therapy session online using PayPal (see Pay Now, Payment Page).

Q3. Why should I use online therapy?

Answer: Over the years I have received and given supervision online via Skype. I have also seen clients from different countries who have wanted to see an English speaking therapist. Having online therapy is safe and easy as you do not have to spend time travelling. I have also worked with clients who are housebound or in rural areas.