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Does Online Therapy Work?

I am often asked by prospective clients and others if online therapy works. The simple answer is that yes it does, if you are seeing a well qualified and experienced online therapist. How does online therapy work? You find a … Continue reading

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Hypnotherapy Insight 1/2

In today’s post I wanted to provide you all with the actual facts of hypnotherapy. There are so many misconceptions out there beginning with the ‘fact’ that it’s done by a man with a gold watch on a chain and … Continue reading

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Ask Adrian, What is so special about hypnotherapy

I am often asked what is so special about hypnotherapy compared with every other talking therapy and form of counselling. The answer is very simple, all forms of therapy are developed to allow us to make changes to how we … Continue reading

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Ask Adrian

I have just received an email asking me if I can recommend an excellent  hypnotherapist in Newcastle. My response is the same as whenever I am asked how do I find a good hypnotherapist. You must do three things. 1) … Continue reading

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