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Hypnotherapy Insight 2/2

As promised, I’ll be discrediting the misconceptions around hypnotherapy today. By doing so you will also find out what the methods used for hypnotherapy are, their applications and positive outcomes. Misconception: Somebody else is controlling you Reality: You are always … Continue reading

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Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

Last week I saw a new client (a 15 year old girl) with suspected Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This is the youngest client with IBS that I have seen. I explained to her and her mother that hypnotherapy and mindfulness-based stress … Continue reading

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Ask Adrian, What is so special about hypnotherapy

I am often asked what is so special about hypnotherapy compared with every other talking therapy and form of counselling. The answer is very simple, all forms of therapy are developed to allow us to make changes to how we … Continue reading

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Ask Adrian

Hi Adrian, I’m considering using hypnotherapy to quit smoking but I’m a little nervous. Can you tell me what to expect? T.D., London I’d be happy to walk you thorough what a first session will be like. Many people have … Continue reading

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